We know that getting a game  from concept to life will involve a lot of attention, care, money and tons of trivia things. It’s hard for many creators and beginners. That’s why we provide one-shop services from planning to delivery as your partner so that you can focus on your big pictures.


Planning and Prototyping


Our specialists have actively worked for so many brands and custom tabletop games. No matter what stage you’re at, we offer pre-active info. to assure that you will make a best plan to launch.

You will benifit from:

  • Various material options to stand out.
  • Full info. to make adjustment shortly.
  • Plenty of free source provided.
  • Proper costs info. to make a budget plan.
  • Latest manufacturing info. to make timetable.
  • Update shipping info. for delivery.


When it comes to the protoyping stage, physical samples and  prototyping isn’t where we stop. We believe that continous quality and understanding  will surely help the business go smoothly with less time and spend.

You will benifit from:

  • Same materials and finishing as mass production.
  • Polished samples for any presentation.
  • Various options with less costs.
  • Avoid duplication of effort to finding manufacturer rather than a printing shop.

Manufacturing and Outsouring

Customedcards is the go-to custom tabletop games destination that not only provides you with custom manufacturing solutions, but also gives you an incredible full end-to-end service to make thing easy for you. 

Full Capaciblity of Printed Components

Full Capacibility of Printing Components

* 80,000decks of custom cards daily
* 3 automatic boxes production lines
* Various equipment for after-printing processes

Bulk Assembling

Bulk Assembling

Based on the specific manufacturing process tailored according to specific order, we can arrange bulk assembling at a close-to-zero defective rate.



Get access to a mature supply chain.Easily get different and new components with competitive cost and quality assurance.

Shipment and Delivery

Save your time on shipment. Our freight team and shipping partners find end-to-end solutions to deliver your games according to your demands.

You will get more:

  • Save money on shipment.
  • Less damage goods.
  • More time on your main work.

Benefits From Our One-stop Services

Our tailored solutions allow you to control the budget better, and save tons of time. Moreover, you will benefit more from other advantages.

Superior Materials

We offer various choices of superior, safe and eco-friendly materials from leading vendors in the industry.

In-house Production

Scientific management and in-house production lead cost reduction, quality consistence, and in-time delivery.

100% Quality Control

We conduct a full inspection of the performance of all final products to gurantee 100% quality.

Fulfillment Assistant

Qualified final products will be well assorted,labeled, and shipped to your backers from our factory.

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