Custom Printed Playing Cards

A platform for a wide range of paper and plastic custom printed playing cards

Plastic Playing Card Deck

Plastic Playing Card Deck

Standard Playing Card Deck

Standard Playing Card Deck

Personalised Playing Card

Personalised Playing Card

Customedcards gives you 100% customization

About customization

There’re no boundaries when it comes to adding your own personal styles. Custom designs & logo, special shapes & sizes, classical & unique packaging can be made according to your requirements.

About customized sizes & shapes

Standard cards sizes are: poker size of 2.5” x3.5” (63x88mm) and bridge size of 2.25” x 3.5” (57x87mm or 58x88mm). But we have various sizes and shapes made. And we can make a special sizes for you.

About cards’ versions

For a stand deck of playing cards, there’re 52pcs cards+ 2pcs jokers. What if you need more or less cards in your decks? Some ask for 36pcs cards, some need 78pcs cards like Tarot cards, and even hundreds of cards like humanity. No problem to make!

About packaging

There're lot of options of packaging. A typical custom tuck box is the most popular one. A custom tin box, a wooden box, a hard board gift box, and a plastic box are possible to be made from 1pc.

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