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How can we help you? If you have questions or at any point or can’t find the answer you were looking for, call or email us directly at [email protected]. You will get answers within one working day.

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.


You can get a quote by visiting the Contact page. RFQs can be emailed directly to [email protected].


You will typically receive your quotation within 1 business day for most requests. Complex projects may require more time. Based on a large variance of requirements from project to project, the more detailed info. you provide, the sooner you can get the right price info.

Necessary info. includes the materials, sizes, counting, printing  and packing requirements for all components in the game. If you need shipment service, pls send the deliverd address as well.

It’s 500pcs generally. For special projects, we can offer made-on-demand service. 

Forget the standard sizes for a custom game. All products can be made according to special requirements without or just with a small set-up cost.


You can get the die lines you need by visiting the Contact page, or send email directly to [email protected]. You will get what you need within one working day.

There’re some important points to ask your artist to pay attention to for the artwork.

1. Have bleeding outside of the die lines for all artwork. 

2. Send all fonts with the artwork.

3. Save the artwork with CMYK mode.

4. Make 100% black for small letters instead of CMYK black.

PDF, AI, EPS or JPG format with resolution up to 300dpi.

No. Our artist will work on all layouts and it’s free.

You can send by google driver or www.wetransfer.com.

It’s a most important and the last step to check artwork before printing to avoid mistake on artwork.

Prototyping samples

You will have the prototyping sample made with the same materials and finishes as mass production. It’s a way to test the quality and communication with tens of dollors.

The printing way and some working equipment may be different. As the materials and finishes are the same, the sample is polished and very close to mass products.

It’ll take 5-7 days for games with cards, playing boards, normal tokens and packing boxes. Plastic and wooden materials will take longer.


There’re some steps to make sure you get the right and satisfied products.

1. To review and approve the e-proof before printing to avoid mistakes on artwork. 

2. A prototyping sample will be provided to check artwork, materials, finishes and packing before mass production.

3. You will get production running pictures from your sales manager, so that you will have update info. for your run.

4. Your production manager will send you samples from mass production to view the quality of finished products.

5. In case you find defective products, the factory will make replacements till the quality is approved by you.

6. Your production manager will be with you anytime you have questions with the products after shipment.

For card games and board games without mold tooling requirement, it will take 25-30days. 

Yes we do. Testing will be made by a third lab that has the authority. The cost may be lower than a lab in your country. 

Rush orders may be be available at depending on seasonality. Please speak to a Product Specialist to check for current availability.


Yes we can. And we will arange shipments by the way you need.

1. The address for delivery. 

2. It will need some paper work of authorization for customs purpose. 

3. Someone who can be reached to accept the delivery.

According to comments from our clients, our offer is lower than what they get from other shipping companies. We do not make money from shipping. It’s an extra service for our clients.

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