No Limitation to Customizing

Customedcards is capble of broad range of components for card games and board games. We have the capacity to offer a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, finishing and packing. This variety allows us to create custom manufacturing solutions of any production need.

Game boards


Customedcards can offer different thickness, folding options of game boards for special demands.

Besides from chip boards game boards, we also provide playing mats made with rubber and fabric.

Custom Cards


No limitation to customization.

You will find all kinds of custom cards for board games, card games, and professional casino pokers with wide range of materials, finishes, shapes and sizes. 

Games Boxes and Packaging

At Customedcards, you decide the size of the box. All popular box materials, fillers, inserts and finishes in the retail market are avaliable to you. 


Games Tiles and tokens


Like tradtional game boards, most games tiles and chits  are made with chip boards.

At Customedacrds, you have wider options of materials, like acrylic, EVA, and wooden materials to build your most attractive games.

Wooden & Plastic Playing Pieces


Customedcards has a wide range of different  playing pieces for tabletop games from the standard pawns, dice,chips to figures and many more.

Besides those standard playing pieces, you can customize your playing pieces, like custom dice, meeples, and tokens.

Rules and Booklets


Do not forget the rules.

There’re booklets in many games too. Our selected paper stock and high printing quality make the rules look pleasant.

Sample your games

Want to see a physical sample? Order a pre-printed sample kit free or make a prototyping sample with your artwork to check the quality and services.

We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected.