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We offer competitive, innovative manufacturing solutions to small and medium-sized tabletop game publishers and new creators , who need dedicated one-stop services.

It's easy to make custom games.

One-stop service

  • Budget consultation
  • Design
  • Quotation 
  • Sampling 
  • Production and Outsourcing
  • Assembling and Inspection
  • Delivery and Fulfillment

Easy to work with

  • Quality guarantte
  • Stable and afordable price
  • Care small and new orders
  • Simple working processes
  • No limit to customization
  • Flexible production plan for rush orders

Cost & Time Saving

  • Free consultation and optimaztion
  • Free design assistance
  • No hidden fee
  • Answer and quote in 12 hours
  • Short order time
  • Delivery and fulfillment service

Main Components

A Whole Pack of Custom Games Components

A wide range of components and full production capability to make custom games from a single deck of cards to a big box of game. We do the whole pack for you and  deliver the lowest cost per part all along the way. 

Custom cards

Widest range of custom cards. No limitation to customization. 

Game Boards

Custom game boards and playing mats for all tpyes of games.

Boxes and Packaging

All packing boxes and inserts for games that you can find in the retail market.

Playing Pieces

Playing pieces made with wood, plastic and many of other materials.

Tiles and Tokens

Playing tiles and tokens made with paper boards.

Reach experts to find and choose components? Contact now.

Our services

One-stop Solutions

Goodbye, tons of jobs on trivia. Your dedicated manufacturing team always provide you with optimal solutions at all stages, and take care of everything for you.

Planning and Prototyping

Our services are dedicated to solve your problems with budget planning, presentation and playing tests. 

When you work with a manufacturer from the beginning, you have full views of the production processes, quality control, and good understanding about your factory. 

  • Response within 12 hours
  • Sampling quality near to mass production.

Production and Outsourcing

We are the factory behind many big brands with full experience working for thousands of projects.

Our team will take care of your projects of whole pack.

  • Low MOQ
  • Afforable cost

Shipment and Delivery

It’s not complicated to ship goods globally. Just sit at home and wait the shipper to delivery the goods to your warehouse.

We will do the rest for you.

  • All shipping ways and services
  • In-time Delivery

Need help to make a game? Our experts are ready to help. Let’s talk about your requirements.

Our Processes

Getting your games done has never been this easy

At Customedcards, we are committed to providing an easy job to our clients. We achieve this by applying simple working processes to our clients. Based on these processes, you just need to send a few e-mails and files. Our team will take all of the rest for you.

Why Us

We Make Custom Games Manufacturing Easy For You.

All the time, our employees deeply understand the importance of helping  clients’ business success, and they work tirelessly to serve our customers. From pre-sale consultation and order fulfillment to after-sale service, all your needs will be covered by our professional team.

Top Advantages Outshine Our Peers

What happens when you have a manufacturing partner who cares about the projects with you from the planning stage?  Your business will goes smoothly and easily. Here, we are your best partner to achieve this goal.

Quick Response

12 hours VS 2 weeks

Professional Experience

Specialized in custom games for 15 years.

Delivery service

Global shipments to your address

Custom Solutions

Flexible solutions to cover the needs of clients with different business modes.

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We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected.

We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected.