Your Custom-made Games Manufacturing Partner

As a custom-made games manufacturer, we make wide ranges of products for board games and card games. So our customers can have one-stop shop for their games. New products with customized requirements are made every day in our factory. Moreover, we are committed in multiple solutions for different demands.

Customedcards is trying to work as one part of your team to complete the jobs of production budget, prototyping, quality control, production, delivery and fulfillment. We will save you out of tons of work to focus on your core strengths.

Ask directly: Pls make my games according to my requirements...

What make us different.

A whole package supply for custom board games

Consistent quality of prototyping & mass production

In-time delivery and fulfillment assistance

No hidden costs

No limitation to customization

Rush orders support

Sampling support

Prototyping samples for presentation and demo

Easy ordering process

Every step will be considered and made from artwork till delivery.

For good reputation

Transaction is 100% safe and guaranteed. WYSIWYG.

Our main products

Board Games

Cards, Playing Boards, Playing Pieces, Playing Mats, Tokens, Dice , Rules Booklets and Packing Boxes

Card Games

Party Games, Educational Cards for Kids, Card Games for Kids

Playing Cards

Poker Playing Cards for Casino, Personal Playing Cards, Plastic Playing Cards